What does Auto Insurance Cover?

Having a car is one thing and maintain it, so it serves you best is yet another endeavor. One way to maintain your car is by insuring it. In the event of accidents, or any harm befalling your car even though you have no cash at hand to settle the emergency, the insurance company will always have your back as long as you have the appropriate cover for your vehicle. Did you know you could be reimbursed even for money spent repairing a car damage caused by a pothole? Let’s explore what insurance companies in Newmarket include in their auto insurance coverage.


Personal injury protection

This covers treatment expenses for anyone injured in an auto accident. This could be the driver, or any third party (a passenger), insured from the auto accident. It goes ahead to cover not only the treatment expenses but also damages suffered as a result of the accident. This may include wage loss as a result of the accident.


Bodily injury liability

The policy covers any bodily injuries that you, the policyholder may inflict on someone else. It also covers injuries caused to someone else while you’re driving someone else’s car with their permission. Due to the accidents that occur and the losses one may suffer in the process; say even while undergoing treatment its advisable you have enough liability insurance since some cases may go to court and cost you huge fines or compensation for damages.



This covers losses due to theft or damages that may result from other items other than collisions. This could include loss due to fire, vandalism, riots, and contact with animals among others. It’s quite attractive given that some companies may even reimburse you if your windshield is shattered.



Collisions are a major cause of damage to automobiles not only in Newmarket. Taking a collision cover will cover you in the event of a collision with another car, an object and better still in case your car flips over. Most interestingly, with the cover you are protected against damage caused by potholes as well.

In collisions, at least one of the drivers is usually at fault. In the event you are the one at fault, your insurer will not hold back the money you spent on repairs. You are reimbursed the entire amount, although they will deduct the deductible which may vary from one insurer to another. While on the other hand, if the other driver was at fault, you are reimbursed, as your insurer tries to recover the amount spent. If successful, you also get to benefit from the deductible as well.

Other items covered may include; property damage liability in case of damage to other people’s property and the uninsured motorist coverage say for a hit and run or an uninsured motorist.

Insurance always gives you a peace of mind, and you can live at ease with yourself. Talk to an auto insurance broker today to know more about the various policies; they may even help you choose the most appropriate policy. Alternatively, you could visit the various insurance websites and get your quote.